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Last week I headed to Merredin for a community arts residency, supported by the shire council I spent 6 days collaborating with the people of Merredin to create some awesome temporary artworks over their buildings. Using my projector, laptops and portable power we digitally repainted the buildings with light. Although I was only there for a short time, we still managed to create some great transformations, literally turning the town into a open air digital art gallery. It was great to see locals reacting and thinking differently about there surroundings! By being on the street we where able to reach people that community art usually bypasses, there was plenty of questions and lots of people having a go. The Merredin Police even had a go at laser tag

Merredin is a regional centre approximately 260km east of perth, Its situated in the central wheatbelt, a large wheat farming area in Western Australia. The town has lots of great historic buildings from the goldrush days including the beautiful heritage listed Cummins Theatre built in 1897 and rebuilt in Merredin in 1928. Big thanks to Jane Bandurski for organising the residency and for her creative input into the project.

Author: Jerrem Lynch

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