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Another successful night of projecting. This time in an empty parpark in West Perth.
Once again a small crowd turned up on another cold winters night to interact with the street
(yes I am a lazy Blogger this happened over a week ago… Wednesday 4/6/08)

We also introduced a few new elements…
Daniels simple yet enormously fun virtual fridge magnets app
Taking infrared brushes to an even bigger scale I made a electronic paint roller

above: daniels giant fridge magnets
below: painting with a digital paint roller

ir  mowl


flying video
Above: Vjing whilst whirling the projector around like a batman beacon.

photos above by Aaron Mark
special thanks to… Bazza, Louise, Stephan, Simon, Daniel, Jason, Martin for helping make this happen.

also checkout Jasons blog on the night here, he brings his own perspective and also took some cool photos

Author: Jerrem Lynch

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