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In July this year fellow artist Louise Snook and I traveled to Mullewa (5 hour drive from Perth). There we engaged the local kids in art activities based around the theme “FEAST” and food art as part of Awesome Arts ongoing creative challenge project for kids in rural WA.

Making art out of food is alot messier than electronic art! but it can be just as much fun!

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Being a community artist is great! the Mullewa community where great… immediately accepting us. We where invited to local farms growing vegie’s and shearing wool, watched latin dancing at the rec centre and went to Saturday night Karaoke at one of the two pubs… After singing a few songs we where described as “Solid” by more than one of the locals.

The language spoken here is also unique with the kids coming up with some hilarious sayings… We even found a new word to rival the festivals theme “feast”… in Mullewa it seems “blockin” means eating, as in blockin your hole (covering your mouth with food).
I dont however think they would be too keen on changing the title to “Blockin 2008″. :)

Author: Jerrem Lynch

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