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So lately ive been really interested in the whole notion of free culture. Having art thats accessible to everyday people. Just after i added a creative commons notice to this site (which enables you to copy the content of this site for non-commercial use… not the most open license but its a start) I noticed that one of my favourite musicians has done a similar thing…

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails has released his new album Ghosts under a creative commons license and made the first 9 tracks available for download free from his website. with the whole 36 tracks downloadable for $5. In addition to this there are another 3 other ways you can by the album, being a CD set, deluxe and ultra-deluxe editions.

As it is licensed under creative commons non-commercial, share alike agreement we can all go nuts copying this album. in fact only one person needs to download it (for $5) then i suppose we could all just copy it of each other. BUT.

  • thats not convenient
  • or communal copy could have been altered from the original mp3 (new economic purpose of the remix?), therefore most legit version is from the artist.
  • if you love the music you will want to support the artist
  • if you love the music you will want some physical copy of it (afterall we are living in a culture of consume, consume consume.

so i think and hope NIN will go quite well with there leap of faith. in fact they have already sold out of there $300 ultra-deluxe editions.

As with earlier NIN albums audio remixing and sampling has been encouraged with this album. enabling creativity and ownership amongst listeners. In addition to this Trent has launched a film festival on youtube inviting artists to create visuals in video format to accompany his music. Tactics such as this transforms the audience into collaborators… this is how culture should be. free so that the best ideas can develop by anyone and distributed by everyone.

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above: Trent Reznor’s introduction video to the Ghosts Film Festival

Author: Jerrem Lynch

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