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This Weekend I stood on a hill, held my mobile into the sky and connected to high speed internet. No major feet I know, im constantly checking the internet on the go. And shamefully have been sighted walking into low branches whilst checking my email.



What’s different here is I was 3 hours south of Perth on my dads farm, surrounded by fields and cattle. I started thinking about the impacts of communication technology, its benefits in solving regional isolation and the effects on local communities. I didn’t however wonder about my email, my facebook friends or National Headlines., they where all in my hand.


Just as planes and trains begun shrinking Australia last century, the internet promisses to shrink it further. (tourist broucher from 1954 image SLWA)


As the internet slowly infiltrates regional and remote Western Australia (some of the Australia’s most dispersed and isolated communities). Who knows what effects it will have…

  • Will these places loose their unique isolated identities in exchange for a global culture? Forget about the local footy team or apple queen in exchange for national heroes?
  • Will rural WA become a global hot spot for new and remixed ideas and culture? With isolation comes great creative freedom and with global inspiration and tuition who knows where the next Picasso or Einstein could be born.
  • Will e-business change local businesses for the better?
  • Will remote communities crumble or become influential online communities?




Author: Jerrem Lynch

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