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After spending a week in Adelaide as a Participant of the Graffiti Research Lab Masterclass my head is a blurr with new ideas, confidence and new found enthusiasm for the modification of public space.

Ive aways believed in the social worth of graffiti and street art in making our public spaces more vibrant and more personal. James and Evan from GRL in New York have left a lasting impact on the participants, my self included. Hopefully we can start up a Australian branch of GRL!

In the meantime. Much of the talk about “internet famous“, “Geek Graffiti” and Creative Commons, has inspired me to get of my arse and change my drab one page website into a mess of ideas, art and other assorted crap.

Currently im doing ALOT of thinking about not just “real” public space but “virtual” public space. As much as free art should be available in the street so should free art be incouraged on the net.

As a result i will be looking into ideas against copyright and the legalities and licences i might be able to work under that allow others to reuse and copy my “art” freely.

GRL masterclass in adeliade
above: laser tag in action in Adelaide (photo by Fee)

Author: Jerrem Lynch

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