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7th October 2009

We set of on our latest collaborative Projection Bombing event. This time the facade of the Perth Oval (aka Members equity stadium. This was the first time I used the modified tagtool software in Perth and also corresponds to the official beginings of Graffiti research lab in Perth.

I havent been shouting it from roof tops but Ive been operating as an operative of GRL australia for sometime now. GRL is a global network of tech savvy individuals dedicated to outfitting graffiti writers and street artists with tools for urban communication, it all started in New York. You can see my posts on there seems to be alot of support for this kind of stuff in Perth, so along with Steve from ololo we are starting GRL Perth. check out the blog at

if your in Perth, believe in graffiti and want to get involved, send me an email.

Author: Jerrem Lynch

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