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The PowerHouse Museum flew me (Jerrem Lynch) over to Sydney to help Projector Bomb the outside of their Building.

Unpacking a suitcase full of projection equipment I helped Sydney folk create a living breathing street art facade on the building. The event was called playlate at the PowerHouse Museum and was Part of the Annual Sydney Design Festival.

For this event I modified my equipment to run the Tagtool system. Tagtool is an Open Source hardware and software solution for live drawing and animation. It was designed by OMA International who are based in Vienna, Austria. It is a great system and I’m looking forward to using it more in the future.

onlookers were enchanted and participants excited to get involved in collaboratively refacing the building. I often forget that artists don’t usually hand over the reigns of there equipment for play… I had plenty of Sydney folk wishing they lived in Perth. Especially after I told them about our regular Collaborative Street Projection nights (in fact stay tuned another one coming up soon).

Author: Jerrem Lynch

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