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Below is a casual briefing of my street projection equipment.

I’ve been doing mobile street projection since 2008 and I’ve never made a video explaining the rig that I use to transport all of my gear. Many people call this the MPU, or mobile projection unit. Lots of the Graffiti Research Lab Cells use Tricycles.┬áMobile Cinemas usually use Vans. Me? I usually just use what’s at hand. Shopping trolleys are good place for anyone to start, or even your own car (as it comes equipped with its own 12v power supply).

After arriving in Toronto I needed something that could be easily moved around (as I’m not planning on owning a car) and could make it into a lift so I can recharge the batteries in my apartment. The solution was a removalist’s trolley (I think they call them hand trucks or dolleys in Canada). I find that most things will work. All you need are cable ties, gaffa tape, and some packing straps. With the weight of the battery at the bottom, the trolley makes a very strudy free-standing base.

Author: Jerrem Lynch

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