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I have been busy updating the front end of this website. For many years has existed as simply a blog of my work, now you will find a portfolio of some of my best work. This blog will still continue to be updated of course and can be found as a link in the top right corner.

portfolio of artist jerrem lynch (alt spelling jerem, jerum, jerome, jerremy, jeremy)

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I created the website myself in html5 and css3 using some very clearer javascript which enables touch gesture galleries and dynamic scaling of content (hint: looks great on the iPad). I made the first version of back in 2001 using a pop-up windows, macromedia flash and the old “this website requires…” EEEK!. Its funny how the web changes, thankfully for the better.

below: look back on in 2001 with the wayback machine [ flash is not archived ]

I’d really appreciate you spread the word on this update by going to the front page and sharing it via twitter, facebook, email or linkedin.

Author: Jerrem Lynch

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