About: Jerrem Lynch - Digital Artist

artist Jerrem Lynch, [Jerrem, Jeram, Jeremy, Jerremy, Jerome, jerum, jerem, jerems, gerrem, jerim, jirrem]

With a background in fine art and interactive computer displays, Jerrem Lynch is a visual artist who merges art and digital technology. Based in Perth, some of his specialisations include digital projection, interactive installations and live video performances.

Using computer software and visual imagery, Jerrem composes ephemeral art experiences. His work includes electronic street art, video art and outdoor computer games. Through his work, Jerrem changes the way people interact with images, space and movement. Coupled with his belief that art should be accessible to everyone, he creates large-scale projected artworks, often in public places.

Born in Western Australia, a child of the 80s, Jerrem grew up dreaming of running his own pirate TV station, free from commercial control. Many years later Jerrem uses VJing and digital graffiti as modern ways to communicate with his immediate community. Through his work, Jerrem brings together his desire for shared experiences and the subversion of commercial culture.

For examples of his work, please check out the work tab at the top of this page, you can also keep up to date via twitter, facebook or his blog. Always looking to meet new people, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself via email or linkedin. Likewise if you have upcoming event or project that could use his unique approach don’t hesitate to get in touch.