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digital graffiti, electric street art
“I love turning the urban landscape into my canvas, causing a stir and talking to strangers on the street about what we can do in public space”
Jerrem Lynch painting on tablet PC
Jerrem Lynch painting on tablet PC

Using a mobile projection unit (pictured here) consisting of a digital projector, iPad, and a mobile power source, Jerrem hits the streets and paints digitally onto buildings. Painting buildings in this way is a great way to make large artworks in a very short period of time. Each painting is drawn live and is gone as soon as the power is turned off. This form of electronic art is often referred to as guerilla projection, projector bombing, or street projection.

sharing Tablet PC pen

Jerrem has worked on large-scale collaborative projects in an effort to promote digital graffiti as a form of urban expression. Working with Steve Berrick, he transformed a golf buggy into a mobile digital graffiti projection unit which they toured at the Big Day Out festival in 2010 and 2011.

He continues to organize street projection happenings, inviting friends and strangers to meet and create digital street art. Jerrem is also a founder of the Australian arm of the Graffiti Research Lab collective; GRL Perth.