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VJ Lynch festival Stage performing with DJs, Bands, orchestra, electronic music, producers
“This is not a 10 minute loop. The video art I make is live and spontaneous. I don’t think video art’s natural home is in the art gallery. It’s living on the street, at parties, and on YouTube”

Live Video

Video Still

Jerrem’s video art cannot be defined in one single artwork. It is constantly evolving. He creates video performances at dance parties, music festivals, and just for fun on the streets. This form of live video art is called VJing. Using laptops, vision mixers and cameras, it’s like a music video except it’s live and never to be seen again.

Over the years Jerrem has VJ’d for many big name and emerging musical acts. When it comes to his style, it is gritty, often funny, and sometimes even creepy. With a passion for the natural world, modern culture and technology, Jerrem explores imagery in biology, nature, glitch art, internet memes, and internet culture, to create explosive video mashups that astound the senses.

In addition to VJ performances Jerrem’s video art extends into a few other categories.

Video Mapping

video mapping, 3d building Projection

Projection mapping involves creating video to fit perfectly over a building, an interior space, or any other interesting surface. Jerrem’s projection mappings are zany and colorful optical illusions.

Live Drawing

Live Drawing, video paint, digital art

Similar to digital graffiti, live drawing is made on the spot and incorporates Jerrem’s own drawing style and animations.

Video Mashups

Video Mashups, AV art, Audio Visual

Performed live or released online, Jerrem’s video mashups are a mix of internet pop culture mixed into a collage of off kilter sound and vision.