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Jerrem’s work has been displayed at events and on streets around the world. With the use of digital projectors, he designs and creates large-scale projected computer games and displays. He builds customized computer software which is run from laptops and tablets, and displayed through projectors. Jerrem often incorporates digital cameras and similar motion-detection hardware which the computer uses as input. This is used to engage audiences and to drive the graphics and games.


night building interactive projection using pose detection / Video Mashup

Description: an audience-driven artwork where audiovisual clips are triggered by body poses. This interactive installation provides for real time full body-detection of two audience members simultaneously. With their bodies transposed side by side into the video artwork, they are able to trigger video clips using particular poses or dancing until a video clip is serendipitously discovered. The audience itself becomes the remote control of this video mashup.

Materials: Projectors, laptop, iPad, Kinect camera
Exhibition: Videodrome
Location: Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA), Toronto, Canada

short video


Earth Catcher

Earth Catcher game on building outdoors at night

Description: an interactive street game designed to give everyone the chance to save the world! Earth catcher is projected onto buildings and involves a virtual earth that the audience interacts with, with their own bodies. The aim is to hold it steady for ten seconds without letting it fall. Animations introduce each player. Winners are congratulated with happy animations exploding onto the screen.

Materials: data projectors, laptop, Kinect camera, custom software
Client: World Wildlife Fund Canada
Event: Earth Hour 2012
Location: Distillery District, Toronto, Canada

short video long video


Digital Protesting

projection onto people, motion tracking with kinect camera, isolating with light

Description: an installation which identifies human bodies and projects placards onto them, following them as they move. This was created for a public event hosted by Amnesty International, to raise awareness of human rights violations in mining communities. The artwork is projected onto the protestors themselves to highlight the human element in human rights. This installation raises the question: ‘if a computer can recognize a human, why can’t a corporation?’

Materials: data projector, laptop, Kinect camera, custom software
Client: Amnesty International Canada
Event: We Are All Shareholders 2012
Location: Hart House, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada


You Are Swan

outdoor computer game, street arcade 2 player, urban game, festival game

Description: an interactive street game controlled by full body movement. The system runs customized 3D video game software. Competing players use their entire bodies to control the direction of two black swans as they float along a river trying to avoid rocks. The player to travel the furthest, without hitting a rock, wins. Designed for this location, the game takes place above a decorative pond.

Materials: 2x data projectors, 2 x laptops, Kinect camera
Client: Sunset Events
Event: St Jerome's Laneway Festival 2011
Location: Perth Cultral Centre, Perth, Australia
Collaborators: creative coder Steve Berrick, game developer Al McEwen and 3d animation Dan Moller.

short video short video long video long video


Mega Fridge Magnets

letters game, public art, magnets game, participate, leave messages on building at night, electronic art

Description: using a hacked Nintendo Wii remote, we transformed the side of a building into a large interactive surface. A paint roller pole was wired with infrared lights to create the input. Participants rearranged large virtual fridge magnets to leave messages for passersby.

Materials: digital projector, laptop, Wiimote, custom-built infrared paint roller, power generator
Event: Community Street Art, 2008
Location: Perth, Australia
Collaborators: artist Dan Moller

short video short video